General Terms & Conditions

DRIVER'S QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum driver's age is 25. Drivers between 21 - 24 year old can rent groups A, B and K after accepting an additional Young Driver Surcharge (YDS). Drivers over the age of 71 years are subject to a Senior Driver Surcharge. Drivers with a probationary driving license can not rent a vehicle.

DRIVER'S LICENSE: A valid driving license held for at least one (1) year is required.

YOUNG DRIVER SURCHAGE: Young Driver Surcharge (YDS) allows customers between 21 and 24 years of age to rent Groups A, B & K, under the condition that they hold a driver's license for at least 12 months prior to the pickup day, for an additional charge of €7/rental day, with a maximum charge of €70.  

SENIOR DRIVER SURCHARGE: All drivers over the age of 71, are subject to an additional charge of 7€/rental day, with a maximum charge of 70€.  

GRACE PERIOD: At end of rental Hertz allows a further period of 29 minutes free of charge after the time of pick up. After the 29 minutes grace period has expired, the renter will be charged a further full day. 

PAYMENT METHOD: The driver must hold a valid credit or debit card accepted by Hertz for all necessary pre-authorization amounts as well as pre-payments and settlement of final rental charges. 

THIRD PARTY LIABILITY (TPL): Covers the rented vehicle for claims from property damage and third party personal injury or death to the amounts specified by Serbian Law. 

EARLY RETURN / EXTENSION OF RENTAL: No refund for any unused voucher value/rental days. Ongoing rental extension should be arranged with Hertz Serbia at least 48 hours before the intended/reserved rental expiry, to be charged as per valid retail tariff. 

LIABILITY OF THE RENTER: In case of damage to or loss of the rented car or part of it, as well as in case of fire, breakage of glass or theft, the Renter or any additional authorized drivers are fully liable.

TRAFFIC FINES: Tickets and attached administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of the Serbian Traffic Law during rental period are borne solely by the Renter. If any an additional fee of €15+VAT for administration expenses will be paid by the Renter.

CROSS BORDER FEE: All vehicles except luxury categories might be allowed to travel abroad under special conditions and only on request from the local Hertz Office. Request must be made in advance of the rental pick up date and the cost is 35€. Driving to Albania & Kosovo is not allowed.

COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW / SCDW): The renters liability for damage to the rented vehicle can be reduced, as per Rental Agreement's term and conditions, to minimum charge of 500€ for Groups A, B, K,V1  700€ for Groups C, D, L, M, V2, V3  900€ for Group N  1.300€ for Groups YL, V4, by paying daily a fee of €10,€14, €19 and €25 respectively.

The renter may reduce the above liability to a minimum charge of 150€ for Groups A, B, K, V1, 200€ for Groups C, D, L, M, V2, V3  300€ for Group N 400€ for Groups YL, V4, by purchasing the additional daily coverage, by paying an additional daily fee of €6, €9, €12 and €16 respectively.

Super Collision Damage Waiver (S.C.D.W.) can be accepted only after acceptance of Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.). Liability may in no case be restricted or cancelled for loss of accessories, document, for damage to tires and any other part on the undercarriage of the vehicle.

THEFT PROTECTION (TP): The renter's liability for theft can be reduced to 500€ for Groups A, B, K,V1 700€ for Groups C, D, L, M, V2, V3 900€ for Group N  1.300€ for Groups YL, V4, by paying an additional daily fee of €5, €7, €9 and €12 respectively.

SUPER COVER (SC): Τhe renter can be covered (with zero excess) in case of total theft or damage to the Hertz vehicle, provided that the renter has previously accepted the relevant coverage charges for CDW, SCDW, and TP, or has a reservation inclusive of these coverages, by paying additionally a daily fee of €3 for Groups A, B, K,V1, €4 for groups C, D, L, M, V2, V3  €5 for Group N and €6 for Groups  YL, V4. Damages caused to the underside and wheels of the vehicle are not covered by any insurance.

PERSONAL ACCIDENT COVERAGE (PAC): For a daily charge of €4 (with a maximum charge of 15 days) driver and passengers are insured in case of an accident involving rented vehicle for medical expenses and loss of life or total/partial disability.

WINDSCREEN PROTECTION (WSP): The renter's liability for damage on the windscreen of the car can be reduced, as per Rental Agreement's Terms & Conditions, to 0€, for an additional daily charge of €2 for Groups A, B, K and V1, €3 for Groups C, D, L, M, V2, V3,  €4 for Group N and €5 for Group YL, V4.

INCIDENT ADMINISTRATION FEE (IAF): In case of an accident due to the renter's liability, the renter has the obligation to pay to Hertz a non-refundable fee of €15 to cover administration expenses.

FUEL POLICY: For rental durations of 1-2 days, the customer should return the car with the same quantity of fuel as shown at the time of pickup. In the event that the customer returns it with less quantity, the customer will be charged the value of the missing fuel. Additionally, a Refueling Service Charge will be applied, which today is €15.

For rental durations of three (3) days or more, the customer is required to prepay the cost of the quantity of fuel which is in the tank of the rented car at the pickup time. Upon returning the car –and only at this time– the customer may ask to be refunded with the value of the fuel in the tank at that time. In this instance, if the quantity of fuel in the tank is less than the one the customer has prepaid, then the Refuelling Service Charge will be applied, which today is 15€. Any refund due will be processed through customer's credit/debit card.

The price per litre of fuel used is the average fuel price for the area where the car was rented. The Refueling Service Charge is €15, while Hertz reserves the right to change it in the future without prior notice. Any fuel refunds, disputes etc. must be resolved with Hertz staff at the time of the vehicle’s return. Hertz will not consider any disputes once the final invoice has been issued. A fuel policy leaflet is available on all Hertz Desks in five languages.


AIRPORT SERVICE CHARGE (ASC): 10% of the rental agreement value, for rentals starting at the Airport location.

WINTERIZATION FEE: Winterization Fee covers the cost of kitting a rental car out with winter equipment; It concerns rental period from 1st of November until 1st of April - although it may be extended.

ADDITIONAL DRIVERS: A charge of €5 per day has to be paid for each additional driver (max. charge 10 days).

CHILD SEATS: Available on request with a charge of €5 per day (max charge 10 days).

GPS: Available on request with a charge of €6 per day (max charge 10 days).

DELIVERY/COLLECTION: Delivery/Collection outside Hertz offices is available on request basis. Minimum charge for Delivery or Collection close to a Hertz station is 15€ per Delivery/Collection. Out of office hours delivery/collections are charged €25/case.

FLEET AVAILABILITY: Hertz reserves the right to provide a different car model to that originally reserved of an equivalent or higher model type.

TAXES: All rental rates are subject to VAT.

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